Class Action

The firm has a long and active history in class action litigation in both the federal and state courts.

In all district courts within the state of Mississippi, in the Fifth Circuit and in the Supreme Court, the firm has been engaged to handle a wide variety of alleged or actual class-related issues. These cases span a wide number of issues including:

  • Multiple contexts-employment, civil rights, banking and finance, oil and gas, product liability and other types of business and commercial controversies seeking equitable and/or monetary relief
  • Defeating or obtaining class certification
  • Class discovery
  • Trial of claims of certified classes
  • Class action settlements often over organized objections

Watkins & Eager is honored to have the unique role of successfully defending cases, from 1972 to the present, designed to obtain state judicial recognition of claims analogous to Federal Rule 23(b)(3) provisions. Members of our team are often asked to participate in symposia on the subject.

Practice Leader

Paul H. Stephenson III

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